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Linares vs Crolla 2 – Boxing Results (Including Knockdown Video)

Linares vs Crolla 2 proved to have a far more conclusive ending then the first fight. A silky, classy display from the winner.

Linares vs Crolla 2 was opened by hometown man Crolla walking into the ‘Hometown Glory’.

(Undercard video footage available here).

It had been pretty much six months exactly since the two man battled at the same arena last time out. Linares got the unanimous decision on that night.

The WBA and Ring Magazine lightweight champion was to prove to be a thorn in Crolla’s side again.

Crolla came out behind a high guard and stiff jab as he took the centre of the ring and looked to establish his jab early on.

The high guard left some openings to the body however. Linares took advantage of it and shot in some cute right hooks to the body.

Crolla continued the pressure in the second in what was a positive start overall. Although little heavy blows landed by either man in truth in the first couple of rounds.

The class of Linares came out for the first time in the third round.

His uppercuts off the back foot and transitioning from body to head was a sight to behold in how comfortable it was for him. Almost effortless at times.

Crolla had a little more success in the fourth, particularly with the jab. But a lot of the Mancunian’s power shots were flying past the head of Linares.

The Venezuelan looked very comfortable on the back foot.

Crolla tried to take some more chances in the fifth but was made to pay when he tried to close the distance. Linares landed some hurtful looking four and five punch combinations and really timed Crolla well as he came in.

Linares opened up a cut over the left eye of Crolla in round 6.

Linares’ hand speed was proving just too difficult for Crolla to deal with. You could tell Linares had really done his homework on Crolla this time around.

Linares landed a beautiful left uppercut in round 7 on Crolla. A shot that seemed to come out of nowhere to drop Anthony Crolla:

(Linares vs Crolla 2 – knockdown in round 7)

Crolla dug in deep to try to comeback at Linares. He recovered well from what looked like a heavy knockdown.

The Englishman found strength from deep within in round 8 and came back at Linares, who might have taken his foot of the gas slightly after a big round 7.

Crolla showed just why he’s one of the most resilient fighters in world boxing with a big round 9 – backing Linares up.

Linares’ superior boxing skills told in round 10 though, despite Crolla’s massive heart and willingness to keep coming forward.

The lead Linares had built up by this point seemed like it was more than enough to win the fight by this point.

Linares was boxing in his groove in the 11th. Some painful shots landed on Crolla with one uppercut in particular almost taking him off his feet.

It looked like trainer Joe Gallagher was going to pull Crolla out before the final round but the Manchester man pleaded with him to let him continue.

Crolla came out for the final bell and showed his courage again by going for the knockout against Linares. The champion’s skills proved too sharp again however, in what was a masterclass by Linares in truth.

The judges scorecards gave the Linares vs Crolla 2 decision to Jorge Linares by unanimous decision (118-109) in what was one of the finest boxing displays the champion has put in to date.