Watch: Sergey Kovalev and Conor McGregor In Apparent Confrontation Ringside

Sergey Kovalev and Conor McGregor get into what appears to be a heated debate while ringside tonight at the Mick Conlan pro debut at Madison Square Garden.

McGregor was in attendance tonight in support of Conlan who won by 3rd round stoppage over Tim Ibarra.

McGregor walked Conlan to the ring in what can only be described as a truly Irish atmosphere on St.Patrick’s night in New York.

Amazing scenes, to be fair.

For some reason before the main event got under way, Sergey Kovalev and Conor McGregor found themselves in one another’s company exchanging words.

It can be seen below on video the two men having some sort of heated debate over something.

The folks at Lace Up Boxing Twitter (hat tip and credit) captured the footage in New York and labelled it ‘McGregor vs Kovalev!’ in their Tweet here:

McGregor might be the mixed martial artist of the two, but crossing a much bigger knockout artist like Kovalev from Russia is never advisable.

Perhaps it could have just been a difference of opinions. Who knows. No doubt both men will speak on the conversation later in the night in their interview rounds.

What a night of boxing though at Madison Square Garden. What a night of sport for the Irish on St. Paddy’s Day. A new boxing hero for them is born in Mick Conlan.