Bernard Hopkins On The Death Of His Brother and His Killer

Bernard Hopkins has had a life and boxing career fit for a Hollywood movie. A man who really has seen it all.

For those not familiar with his remarkable story, a quick intro.

Boxing was something he had actually given up in his teens and a craft he went back to while serving jail time in one of the most high security prisons in America.

A man who gave all reasons for anyone to dislike him growing up when involved in crime in his younger days. Going to prison for him was his salvation in many ways.

One of the warden’s said to him on his release that he would most definitely be back. But he wasn’t.

Not only that, but he never drank alcohol again and dedicated himself to boxing and looking after himself perhaps as well as any professional athlete in history.

Not many know that Hopkins lost his brother to murder before reaching prison and that the killer actually served in the same jail as him for a period.

Luckily for the killer Bernard Hopkins never got his hands on him. In this revealing interview recently with Graham Bensinger Bernard Hopkins goes into to detail for one of the first times on the painful subject: