Muhammad Ali Jr Stopped At A US Airport Again

Muhammad Ali Jr

The son of one of the greatest of all time boxers has been detained at an airport again. Muhammad Ali Jr was travelling to Florida around a month ago when the problems first occurred.

US immigration have been questioning Muhammad Ali Jr about his religion (allegedly) – when he was questioned with his mother around a month ago.

That round of questioning reportedly went on for over one hour and thirty minutes.

The latest incident today however is been reported by 9 News as that Muhammad Ali Jr has actually been detained, as he was travelling to speak about been stopped previously at an airport in the Florida.

The issues seem to be related to the new and much more strict travel regulations since President Donald Trump implemented his new policy in the US.

It is understood that while Muhammad Ali Jr was initially travelling from Jamaica back to the US, of which there is no travel ban whatsoever to the US from, that Ali Jr is also a US citizen.

Here is a brief background into the first incident as told by Ali Jr and his mother on CBS recently: