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Pacquiao Khan April 22nd Fight Falls Apart

The Pacquiao Khan fight that was mooted recently is now definitely off for April at least, but might be an option for both guys again later in the new year – possibly around November.

Recently both men stated they were in negotiations for a potential middle East showdown and Khan even said on his social media at one point here that the fight was a done deal.

Despite these claims however it wasn’t. Nothing is ever a done deal in boxing anymore it seems.

At least until the promoters involved in making the fight make a formal announcement saying a contract has been signed with a definitive venue and date.

Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum has dismissed the possibility of the fight happening on April 22nd because of financial reasons.

For the fight to take place on the above proposed date in the middle East like it was hoped he said there simply wasn’t enough money put up by the relevant stakeholders who wanted to stage the fight.

This adds to the now long list of big fights that have been mooted in recent years of taking place in locations like Dubai or elsewhere in the U.A.E. – only to fall apart after weeks or months of speculation ultimately.

Neither Khan or Pacquiao has a confirmed opponent next up as things stand officially.