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As Haye’s career looks in tatters, could Bellew’s be about to take off with an even bigger fight next up, up to and including the likes of WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder?

Last Saturday night Bellew’s opponent David Haye proved that he’s a true warrior.

Even suffering with a massive injury he still had the heart to keep fighting, but that unfortunately isn’t enough to save his career and it has left everyone pondering the same thought: Is he finished at top level?

Tony Bellew on the other hand looks like he has the potential of at least fighting in another big heavyweight bout, whether or not against one of the division’s champions, remains to be seen.

He did what he said he was going to do last weekend, and it sent shock waves through the boxing world.

Eddie Hearn had ‘£’ signs flashing from his eyes like the ‘Bat signal’ all round the O2 Arena. During the in ring interview he was quick to say:

“Why not Park or Wilder?”

Bellew was quick to dismiss it, but I agree with Hearn. Why not?

Bellew, like him or not, is a massive draw in British boxing; to the point people will even pay to watch him get knocked out.

But he has proven that he can mix it with top opposition too, and I still believe that Parker isn’t top opposition and Wilder, after his very poor performance in his last fight, wouldn’t be a huge a huge ask for Bellew to at least think about fighting.

According to sources, Wilder’s people have already been on the phone to Hearn asking about Bellew and the possibility of a summer show down.

With the momentum behind the Evertonian, I could see a big (to use Froch’s saying) ‘80,000 Wembley’ showdown between him and the man from Alabama.

That would be the toughest fight for Bellew and I would prefer Parker, but it’s something that Bellew surely must consider.

Say what you want about Bellew, he has the boxing world at his feet and I’m sure Eddie Hearn is getting ready to exploit every £ coin he can out of it.

Could Bellew even become the tenth British heavyweight World Champion in history and could a Tony Bellew Deontay Wilder fight really happen?

Time will tell, as they say.

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