Golovkin vs Jacobs HBO 24/7 Episode 1 (Full Video)

Golovkin Rumoured

Golovkin vs Jacobs HBO 24/7 episode 1 ahead of March 18th’s middleweight title battle at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Not long to go now ahead of what promises to be a ferocious middleweight battle between the two best 160lbs pugilists on Earth.

Both fighters are looking razor sharp judging by recent training footage and seem to have a steely glaze in their eyes throughout most of the pre-fight build-up.

Their come forward, big hitting styles should make for a fantastic watch come fight night, and New Yorker Jacobs is not showing any signs of being intimidated so far by one of the biggest punchers on Earth – pound for pound.

And why would he?

After all, he’s come through more adversity in life than most human beings could ever fathom. Certainly mere mortals like us anyway.

A man who has battled cancer successfully to not only return to a sport as gruelling as professional boxing, but also to become a genuine world champion.

Recent photos on his Instagram show him in career best condition to date and you can bet your bottom dollar to ‘GGG’ knows he has a serious fight on his hands this month. Or in his own words:

“Serious business.”

Ahead of the fight here is Golovkin vs Jacobs HBO 24/7 episode 1: