Watch: David Haye Laughs Off Bellew Training Footage

David Haye made a typically controversial appearance on TV show Soccer AM in the UK this morning.

Ever the salesman, Haye can never be accused of not knowing how to get people interested in a fight.

David Haye Laughs

Perhaps one of the best to do it of his boxing era. But come March 4th, he’ll need to back it up.

Tony Bellew shot a training clip during the week with soccer player Jamie Carragher.

However, Haye was less than impressed saying:

“Everyone’s got a fantastic plan until they get punched in the face.”

Here’s the full Haye reaction to the clip this morning:

The disregard for Bellew’s boxing ability has been an ongoing theme from Haye in the build-up to the fight.

Clearly Haye sees no way whatsoever of how he can possibly lose to Bellew.

But overconfidence can sometimes be a dangerous thing.

I tend to believe behind the scenes that Haye is a lot smarter than that, and knows that he can’t overlook Bellew – or any opponent for that matter.

The above is simply your typical trash talking and pre-fight hype that you’d expect to see in a fight like this in boxing.

A fight between two of British boxing’s, and possibly world boxing’s most prolific talkers.

Maybe when their fighting careers are done we’ll see both of them involved in the promotion side of the game.

Haye already is in fact, with his recently formed joint promotional company with US boxing force Richard Schaefer called ‘Ringstar Sports’.