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Home » Carl Froch on Manny Pacquiao: “Past His Best.”

Carl Froch on Manny Pacquiao: “Past His Best.”

Carl Froch on Manny Pacquiao and more amid ongoing Amir Khan fight speculation.

During the week it was reported that a $38 million offer is on the table to stage a Manny Pacquiao vs Amir Khan fight in the UAE in 2017.

Carl Froch on Manny Pacquiao

Former UK world champion Carl Froch has been retired a couple of years now, and from time to time chips in his two cents and opinion on latest fights in the sport.

Speaking to Talk Sport on the radio about Manny Pacquiao and a potential fight with fellow UK boxer Amir Khan, Froch said:

“Manny Pacquiao, I think lost his sparkle in his last couple of years. He’s definitely past his best. He’s obviously had quite a boring loss to Floyd Mayweather. I was sat ringside for that one thinking when is this one going to get going? It was brilliant by Mayweather and I give him a lot of credit but there wasn’t enough from ‘Pacman’. There really wasn’t.”

He continued:

“And Amir Khan, his last world title win was back in 2011 against Zab Judah. That’s nearly six years ago, and that’s a world title win. Since then he’s been knocked out by Alvarez and that’s almost a year ago, and that was a bad KO. I know he got paid well but that’s the wrong reason to be fighting, so that was just a payday for him. So the Manny Pacquiao -Amir Khan fight, or whoever’s name you want to put first, that fight there has really lost it’s sparkle. But it’s still going to be want to be seen by spectators but at what expense, I don’t know.”

At this time negotiations are understood to be ongoing for the Khan vs Pacquiao fight.

However some murmurings in the press today suggest it isn’t looking good now.