GGG vs Jacobs 30 Day Check Weigh-In Results

The GGG vs Jacobs mandatory 30 day weigh-in tallies as per the WBC’s (World Boxing Council) rules for tworld itle bouts are in.

The pair will showdown in a world middleweight unification match next month on March 18th at Madison Square Garden.

They’ve weighed in as of the 18th of February to comply with WBC regulations.

GGG vs Jacobs

Golovkin is taking on the biggest middleweight of his career to date in Jacobs, who will enjoy a slight reach and height advantage but more than anything, he’s a naturally big 160lbs operator.

Who carries legitimate power at the weight class too.

Some are expecting a shootout-type fight, so making the weight in a gradual manner for Jacobs will be important in terms of retaining maximum power and strength come the opening bell if this sort of gameplan is used.

Boxing Hype Instagram have reported (the WBC have also confirmed) the following for the GGG vs Jacobs 30 day weigh-in results:

GGG vs Jacobs

165.1lbs for Golovkin 30 days is out is quite impressive, showing he clearly doesn’t take time off in between fights and stays in condition year round.

174.8lbs for Jacobs isn’t that bad either, considering he’s a big middleweight and has over a month to get down to 160lbs.

Both men are obviously training ferociously which bodes well for fans when leather starts flying in New York.

Although Golovkin is being placed as a favorite ahead of this one, there’s no doubt he knows exactly how dangerous Jacobs is.

March is shaping up to be quite the month for boxing. Bring it on.

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