Adrien Broner on Mayweather Advice Before The Granados Fight

‘The Problem’ speaks on what Floyd Mayweather told him before he got in the ring with Adrian Granados in Ohio.

This weekend’s Broner fight was co-promoted by Mayweather Promotions and it is well documented the strong relationship that exists between both Mayweather and Broner.

adrien broner on mayweather

Broner spoke in the post-fight press conference on some of the tactics ‘Money’ told him to use in the fight:

“He was just like, ‘AB this guy, he just wants to get his shots off so get yours off and wrap up’. We was talking about a gameplan and then he was like, ‘You know what man, you’ve got a hell of an uppercut. You need to use that mother****** more’. He just put something in my mind and fighting today, you know, it worked. I want to thank him (Mayweather) too.”

The Broner uppercut and counters were definitely evident at times.

Whether or not he could replicate them against some of the welterweight division’s top fighters is a different story however.

Many feel Broner is more suited naturally to the super-lightweight (140lbs) weight class but to be fair to him, he was coming off a bit of a layoff last night and was taking on a very tough fighter who wanted to win badly.

Perhaps Broner will stay at 147lbs now, or at least gradually work his way to fighting some of the best in the weight class if he does choose to stay at welterweight.

Broner won a close split decision this weekend against Granados and took his pro record to 33-2-24KO in doing so.