Roy Jones vs Bobby Gunn Fight Odds

Tonight Roy Jones vs Bobby Gunn takes place at the cruiserweight limit in a bout in Delaware. Lets take a look at the odds.

The event coverage is expected to start at about 6pm ET/ 3pm PT (11pm in the UK).

It pits one of boxing’s true greats Roy Jones Jr, all be it now at 48 years of age, against former world champion but also bare knuckle boxing legend – Bobby Gunn.

Roy Jones vs Bobby Gunn

We spoke to Bobby here a couple of weeks ago in the run up to the fight and by all accounts. he’s looking to give Roy Jones a big shock tonight.

Ahead of the bout, lets take a look at what odds on the fight you’d get for either guy to win by any method:

(Roy Jones vs Bobby Gunn odds via

Roy Jones vs Bobby Gunn

As you can see, the bookmakers make Roy Jones despite his advanced years, a big favorite.

Does Jones have enough skill and experience to win a fight against Bobby Gunn?


But it’s still a toss up in my eyes. A fight where one punch is enough to end it all in a fight of this nature.

Gunn although he has not competed as a pro boxer in a number of years, has stayed in shape and active in bare knuckle boxing.

No doubt he’ll be looking at this as a good opportunity to promote bare knuckle boxing with the exposure of this bout.

It will be a pay per view for $29.99 in the US.

We’ve looked around for what you’d get on the Roy Jones vs Bobby Gunn odds to win inside the distance, but could only find one provider online tonight offering those odds:

Roy Jones vs Bobby Gunn

Perhaps some will look at the number of times Roy has been stopped in the latter part of his career as tempting at 4/1 for a Gunn stoppage.

But it’s a toss up really.