Mike Tyson Training Chris Brown Against Soulja Boy In Celebrity Boxing Match

Mike Tyson training Chris Brown in a three round celebrity boxing match that has already stirred up a fair bit of controversy.

Hype, Starbucks boxing, extreme trash talk, freak show, call it what you will, people (not necessarily boxing fans) will definitely have interest in the 2017 Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy boxing match / spectacle.

Which could potentially bring new eyeballs to the sport who might not have watched boxing in the first place. That’s the positive that I take out of it so far at least.

Things in the hype and promo regard have now taken another step in the wacky and unexpected direction in this story since it emerged this week that Floyd Mayweather would be promoting the event via his promotional company Mayweather Promotions.

Mayweather’s old friend and renowned rapper 50 Cent appears to be involved in the event in some shape or form now, with this video of 50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) on the phone to none other than boxing legend Mike Tyson hitting Instagram today – as it looks like he will be training international recording artist Chris Brown for the fight:

Mike Tyson training Chris Brown apparently

Interesting to hear Tyson’s thoughts on what the outcome of the fight will be, as was who Soulja Boy’s trainer will apparently be, Floyd Mayweather.

At what weight, where and when the fight will take place is not clear just yet, but it’s very clear that all involved are looking to create as much hype as physically possible at the moment.