Joseph Parker Odds vs Andy Ruiz Jr – Boxing News and Views

The Joseph Parker odds vs Andy Ruiz Jr make for interesting analysis ahead of this weekend’s WBO heavyweight title clash in New Zealand.

It’s a fight that struck my interest straight away once I heard it was made, for not just the great clash of styles that it is, unbeaten records that exist and coming together of two genuinely exciting young heavyweights trying to get to the top of the heavyweight division, but for the implications it will have on the heavyweight scene as a whole also.

Since Tyson Fury vacated this WBO belt both teams (Parker and Ruiz Jr) have moved incredibly fast to make this fight happen this side of Christmas, clearly knowing that if their man wins big unification fights against the division’s stars await.

And the big paydays that follow.

From an outright to win perspective, here’s what you are looking at for the Joseph Parker odds in his fight with Andy Ruiz this weekend:

(All Joseph Parker odds vs Andy Ruiz Jr via and are subject to slight change)

Joseph Parker Odds

You know, the bookies don’t often get it wrong and when it comes to boxing usually the favorite in a fight is heavily odds on to win, but I can’t help but feel there’s a bit of value on Andy Ruiz Jr above there.

Granted, he’s had to travel half way across the world (with his trainer not arriving until late on fight week also) and is boxing in Parker’s hometown, but even still.

And yes, Parker is perceived as probably the faster of the two, but I honestly think some people are underestimating Ruiz Jr a little in this one.

He’s been coming across as very quietly confident in the lead up to this fight and has lost an awful lot of weight, which I believe could be very beneficial to him – particularly if the fight goes into the second half of the twelve rounds (which it very well could).

Both guys are going to obviously be up for it more than ever before, given what’s on the line, but I thought the odds would be more 50/50 than what they were listed as above.

(Joseph Parker Odds vs Ruiz Jr on how either man can win the fight within the 12 rounds)

Joseph Parker Odds

In the method of victory market or in other words – if you want to bet on how you think either guy could win the fight, the odds makers once again favor Parker.

The two have stepped in the ring before in sparring and by all accounts (including Joseph’s testimony this week in the media here) Ruiz came out the comfortable better of the two on that particular occasion.

But that was a long time ago. Past sparring stories count for nothing of course come fight night.

Having said that, it’s another little plus mark in the column for me in leaning towards Ruiz Jr.

I have a feeling this one might go into the second half of the fight and if I was tipping an outside bet, Ruiz at nearly 7/1 to win by KO/TKO within the twelve rounds with some bookmakers is certainly worth a small wager, in my opinion.

Certainly at 3/1 just to win would be worth sticking on a small double, treble or parlay (accumulator for our European readers) for those ways inclined.

But it’s a close, exciting, heavy handed fight.

One that is been shown on HBO in the US and BoxNation in the UK/Ireland. For New Zealand residents, check your local listings ahead of the fight.

This could be the start of a real shake up in the heavyweight division going into 2017.