Watch: New Leaked Footage Of Whyte Chisora Fight With Alleged Biting

The Whyte Chisora fight on set at Sky Studios that now infamously had to be called off went a lot further than people first suspected it has emerged.

Initially when the two got into a near brawl on a TV set this leaked footage emerged showed the two apparently been separated by security.

But that didn’t last very long it would seem.

The circus surrounding this heavyweight fight on December 10th has continued right up to it too.

The two men were seen in chaotic scenes here at their final pre-fight press conference where Chisora at one point even launched a table WWE style.

But weeks before you can see where some of the real animosity and hatred has come from – after this new footage of the Whyte Chisora fight backstage on Sky Studios during a filming segment came to light:

(Hat tip and credit Knuckle-Up TV YouTube – Whyte Chisora fight on set captured when filming stopped):

Listen carefully back to the start of the clip and you can clearly hear Dillian Whyte say:

“Stop biting me.”

After the final pre-fight press conference and chaos that ensued Chisora did mention that he tried to bite Whyte a few weeks prior during this filming excerpt, but now we have tangible audio above of Whyte backing this claim up.

Apparently these two will not even be at the same weigh-in now before the fight, due to the volatility and unpredictability of what has gone on between them up to this point.

Probably a wise decision.