Watch: Whyte vs Chisora Gloves Off Full Video

The highly controversial full Whyte vs Chisora Gloves Off episode has come to light ahead of the two fighter’s showdown on December 10th at the Manchester Arena.

The initial Whyte vs Chisora Gloves Off segment leaked showing a brief minute clip here.

The two men were seen almost exchanging blows after a fiery verbal exchange that prompted security to start rushing in and for the first time ever, filming had to be stopped on set of the show.

The two boxers are probably two of the most outspoken in British boxing at the moment and given the fact they are heavyweights, expect fireworks when they get in the ring and throw down for real.

Here is the Sky Sports Whyte vs Chisora Gloves Off full episode:

(Hat tip and credit to DaveyBoyEssex Rd2 YouTube account for the upload)

Incredible scenes at the end there.

It’s clear to see from watching the whole episode in it’s entirety and understanding what was building up to the moment where Chisora through the glass of water at Whyte, the level of genuine animosity that was already there before all hell broke loose.

In the initial brief clip that was leaked you couldn’t see one of the security men dropping to the floor where you could in the above above, as he tried to wrangle with Whyte who was clearly in full on fight mode trying to break free from security and do damage on Chisora.

What does this mean ahead of their fight? Probably not a whole lot.

If anything, one would expect that Whyte trained that little bit harder in his final few weeks of preparation after this and you’d imagine that he will be hell bent on going for a knockout.

Although it’s a British level fight in many people’s eyes, it does have big implications elsewhere too as the fight has been ordered as an official world heavyweight title eliminator.

An interesting fight for sure. Expect some big bombs in this one.