WATCH: Haye and Bellew Go To War Verbally

David Haye and Bellew didn’t waste time in absolutely ripping into one another on TV following their fight been officially announced today.

Haye and Bellew will fight on March 4th, 2017 at the 02 Arena in London it was officially confirmed today by promoters Matchroom Sport.

For those who have followed both men’s careers, you’ll know that they’ve never been exactly shy to speak their mind or lost for words.

Added to that, you’ve got a genuine dislike for one another that seems to go back a while, the London vs Liverpool rivalry in the UK and two guys who genuinely can knock people out with one single punch.

Their dislike for one another really seems to have gone to the next level in recent times, particularly on Bellew’s part with this confrontation between the two after Bellew’s last win against American BJ Flores evident of that.

Haye and Bellew met in a TV debate on Sky Sports News today in what can only be described as all our verbal warfare between the two:

These two really don’t like each other. That much is certain.

Haye branding Bellew as a ‘coward’ above was probably below the belt and something you wouldn’t hear one boxer say to another very often, given the incredibly hard thing in the first place that it is for anyone to step between the ropes and put their health on the line for the entertainment of others.

No boxer is a coward. But the fact Haye went there with his phrasing today tells you just how much genuine hatred is in this one.

Bellew’s jibes of ‘Sideshow Bob’ seem to be his go to line for Haye at the moment and his insistence that Haye was only taking the fight because he is broke is likely to have caused at least a small stir in Haye, along with some of the Hollywood movie remarks above.

It’s hard to say who got the better of the abuse above but expect plenty more of it in the coming weeks.

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