Andre SOG Ward on Why He Thought Kovalev Decision Was Not A ‘Robbery’

Andre SOG Ward speaks on why he believes Sergey Kovalev was not robbed in their debated decision this past weekend in Las Vegas.

Andre SOG Ward is a man who speaks his mind from what I’ve seen in his interviews over the years. Straight after he got the decision against Sergey Kovalev HBO caught him with this reaction on video.

But speaking in the post-fight press conference afterwards, Ward was convicted in his belief that the decision went the right way:

“I took his punches well. I literally smiled when he knocked me down and got up. You know I think I should get some credit for that honestly. He’s the big boogieman of the light-heavyweight division. We moved up in weight. We said we wanted to fight him. We didn’t run, we didn’t duck, we didn’t dodge. We fought him right where he wanted to fight and we got the victory. I can’t do anything about the controversy. There’s close fights in boxing. If I honestly felt I didn’t win this fight, if I honestly felt like he got robbed I feel like I’m the type of person I would literally tell you guys I don’t know what happened tonight I appreciate the judges but I lost. That’s not the case.”

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