Manny Pacquiao vs Vargas Full Fight Report

The full Pacquiao vs Vargas full fight report and round by round breakdown.

Coming into the fight Pacquiao was the favorite but the bookmakers did move closer towards the WBO welterweight champion Jessie Vargas closer to the fight.

Pacquiao said that he didn’t feel old before the fight and promised that he was still: “Good”.

Vargas was in bullish form coming into the bout and was quoted as saying that he would: “Whoop Manny Pacquiao’s a**”.

The old lion against the young lion. But who was to come out on top?

Here’s how the Manny Pacquiao vs Vargas full fight played out – round by round:

Pacquiao vs Vargas Full Fight

Manny Pacquiao vs Vargas Full Fight Report

Pacquiao took the centre of the ring in round one as both men jostled for position using feints and lateral movement. Pacquiao landed a decent uppercut right before the end of round 1.

A close opening round.

Then all of a sudden in round 2 Pacquiao dropped Vargas with a short left hand bomb right after the jab. The champion got back to his feet with a smile on his face. He looked to fire back before the bell went.

What a round.

An energized Manny Pacquiao was bouncing around looking like the ‘Pacman’ of old in the third round. He landed some fluid combinations with big left hands mixed in on Vargas.

Who looked a little stiff in the round.

Round 4 was a more competitive one with Vargas landing some decent right hands as Pacquiao was coming in.

Vargas had a decent round in the 5th and was more aggressive. he displayed a higher work rate in the round compared to Pacquiao. Vargas’ face was reddening up at this point however.

The sixth was another competitive round with both men having small moments of success. The Pacquiao left hand was taking it’s toll as Vargas’ right eye was now noticeably swollen.

Pacquiao stepped it up in round 7. He used a fast jab and dug in some nice combinations on his taller foe.

Round eight was an excellent one. Vargas caught Pacquiao with some nice right hands but Pacquiao when stepping in landed some nice straight lefts.

A clash of heads in the round opened up a cut on the face of Vargas.

Pacquiao edged round nine in my opinion for the cleanness of his work. The cut on Vargas was causing him trouble it seemed in the round.

‘Pacman’ looked like he had figured Vargas out by the tenth. His speed advantage was really apparent in the round.

Pacquiao came out firing in the 11th. He pressed forward and put his foot on the gas. He pushed the pace and took the round.

The 37 year old Filipino boxing legend boxed beautifully in the final round. Ultimately he won the WBO welterweight title on points.

He improved his record with the win to 58-6-2 (38KO).

(For the preliminary under card video footage of tonight’s action in Vegas check it out here).