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Manny Pacquiao vs Vargas Betting Odds On The Fight

Published On October 31, 2016 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News, Boxing Views and Opinion

The current Pacquiao vs Vargas Betting odds suggest the ‘Pacman’ is hot favorite. But don’t be fooled it’s not a forgone conclusion by any stretch of the imagination. For a number of reasons.

Pacquiao vs Vargas Betting Odds

Some value does exist in the Pacquiao vs Vargas betting odds overall. But you need to weigh up all your options first off.

Many Pacquiao comes into this Saturday’s WBO welterweight title fight as the much bigger name of the two. The man known to the general public of the pair.

However, in recent times he has had to work in other areas completely outside of boxing like politics. Some have suggested these distractions could eventually catch up with him.

As a full-time Senator in his native Philippines his training has taken a more part-time role for this fight. You can bet your bottom dollar thought that Vargas will be training full-time. Ferociously so.

Here’s what you’re looking at for betting on the fight from an outright to win bet currently:

(Sourced via Odds Checker – Pacquiao vs Vargas betting odds subject to slight change):

Pacquiao vs Vargas Betting Odds

As you can see Pacquiao starts as a very strong favorite overall.

Perhaps overly so, considering he will also be no spring chicken in the fight against the younger – possibly hungrier Jessie Vargas.

Vargas is much improved in recent years too and will be looking at this as a gigantic, once in a lifetime opportunity against such a big star.

Maybe fans of his will see these odds and consider a small wager worthwhile.

But as always, the smart money usually exists outside the outright betting markets in boxing.

Here’s what you’d get for each fighter to win on points or inside the distance with bookmakers Paddy Power at the moment:

Pacquiao vs Vargas Betting Odds

The Vargas decision as a long shot bet might stand out based on the above.

That’s if Pacquiao hasn’t been able to balance his political duties around his boxing training. Or if he’s been distracted by talks of big fights for 2017 like this one.

But I tend to think he has stayed focused and even at this late stage in his career, probably possesses a little bit too much for Vargas skills-wise.


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