Joe Rogan on Mayweather: Arguably The Best Boxer Ever

Podcast mogul and UFC commentator Joe Rogan on Mayweather and past alleged gym wars in Vegas, Mayweather’s career and more.

Joe Rogan has probably the most well known podcast in the world at this stage. One that has a now army of international fans that tune in for his takes on everything from combat sports to science.

As Rogan is a UFC commentator frequently the topic of both mixed martial arts and pro boxing come up.

This week on the Joe Rogan Experience in an interesting excerpt with comedian (and all round legend) Joey Diaz, the pair discuss a past instance where a video surfaced of two fighters partaking in an alleged extreme spar in Floyd Mayweather’s gym, along with Joe Rogan on Mayweather and his career’s overall standing in the sport of boxing:

“I’m not necessarily saying there is anything wrong with what he did. It is a part of gym culture, it is a part of what has made champions. This kind of stuff, these heated battles – this is a very uncomfortable reality that elite fighters like Floyd Mayweather face. To be that good you have to be that real and for a guy like him to show these kind of crazy 30 minute no time limit fights in the gym and put it on TV, it’s pretty wild. I see both sides of it. I totally see Floyd Mayweather’s side of it. Look at him, I mean he feeds off that. Guess what? That mentality was why that m*********r was 49-0. That m*********r is arguably the best boxer ever. Who got hurt less than Floyd Mayweather? Who boxed people’s face off that everybody thought was going to kill him better than Floyd Mayweather?”

Recent reports have suggested that Mayweather will make a return to the boxing ring in 2017 in a bid to reach the elusive 50-0 mark after recently been seen in a sparring session with his father and trainer Floyd senior watching on here.

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