Fascinating Chat With Chris Eubank’s Estranged Son Nathanael Wilson

Not many outside of boxing may know about Nathanael Wilson but his story is an interesting one to say the least.

Many know of famed boxer Chris Eubank and his renowned son Chris Eubank junior who applies his craft currently in the middleweight division.

But Eubank also has another son that doesn’t share the family name and who is also a professional fighter, and a promising one too.

Nathanael Wilson is an undefeated super-lightweight (3-0-1KO) from the UK who turned professional earlier this year.

He is marching through the pro game in solid fashion so far and will box again on November 25th in the UK against an opponent to be named in the near future with the fight expected to take place in Essex, London.

The folks at the BoxNation YouTube channel (hat tip and credit) caught up with him in this very interesting chat about his father, fighting career and much more:

A truly remarkable story how he is so unknown outside of hardcore boxing circles, considering how well known Chris Eubank is and how much recognition his son has also gained in the sport these past few years.

It looks like Nathanael Wilson is going to make some waves in UK boxing over the next few years and we wish him the best on his pugilistic journey.