Photo Of The Day: James Toney With Canelo As A Toddler (Apparently)

This photo of (apparently) James Toney with Canelo as a youngster has to be up there for one of the more lighter heart pieces of boxing news we’ve stumbled across in recent times.

Many will remember James Toney for his considerable accomplishments in the ring that saw him capture titles everywhere between the middleweight division up as high as the cruiserweight limit.

A defensive wizard in his prime with blistering hand speed and one punch knockout power that earned him the nickname ‘Lights Out’.

He was also an incredibly tough fighter, known for his surly nature in the ring and in training back in the day. A man not to be messed with.

However this photo of him apparently posing with a young Canelo Alvarez posted by Reddit user Prettygame4Ausername shows that Tony did have a softer side too back in the day:

james toney canelo

A lot of debate has gone back and forth online surrounding whether the photo is actually of Canelo as a child. Either way, it makes for fairly entertaining viewing.

If we were to purely estimate Toney’s age going off the photo above it’s hard to do so but he certainly looks in his younger days himself. Perhaps near the start of his pro career.

As things stand today Toney is currently aged 48 with Canelo aged 26. Leaving a 22 year age gap between the two.

James Toney last fought in August 2015, dropping a unanimous points decision to Charles Ellis in Saint Louis and it is unlikely we will see him back in a ring at this stage.

What a career he had though. One that I’ll certainly never forget.

As for Canelo Alvarez, he’s just coming into the prime of his prizefighting career at the moment but at present is on the sidelines with an injury that will keep him out until 2017.

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