Wilfredo Vazquez Jr vs Juanma Lopez Preview and Prediction

Wilfredo Vazquez Jr vs Juanma Lopezez Jr never materialised during the two Puerto Rican fighters’ prime, but on Saturday night the 2016 version of the two Super Featherweights is set to take place.

Vazquez Jr 24-6-1(19KO’s) was inactive since December last year, but for Lopez 34-5(31KO’s) he has not fought since September 2014, where he was demolished in 2 rounds by Jesus Cuellar.

This clash pits both boxers’ pride to be on the line, but at 32 and 33 respectively and far, far past their primes, this battle holds no significance whatsoever in the current landscape of the Super Featherweight or Featherweight divisions. It is a contest for bragging rights, and bragging rights only.

We can delve into the morality of this contest taking place all day long, but the bout is taking place, and while this is not a contest of importance, it is possibly a more even contest than it would have been prior to JuanMa’s demise.

Lopez has always held the advantage in skill, and possibly in power too. But Lopez has been halted in all 5 defeats, while only Jorge Arce has ended a contest early with Vazquez Jr.

Also, take into account that Vazquez has aged in the ring more gracefully than Lopez.

JuanMa has lost three of his last four, and his recent absence from the ring has only really been brought to an end through his pride, and more significantly, his wallet.

Vazquez is also fresh off back-to-back loses, and he certainly hasn’t been competing at a higher level than Lopez.

But Wilfredo has been competing better at the level he currently resides, Lopez was not only losing, he was being taken out in brutal fashion.

Lopez will once again be heavily involved in an exciting spectacle, but after a hard training camp – something pictures of him from the press conference suggests he has not been involved in for some time – an even harder fight is far from what his body needs.

Vazquez will soak up the plaudits in Puerto Rico, as he takes out Lopez for possibly the final time in JuanMa’s career.

Boxing has brought us some sensational spectacles, but no matter how exciting the fight may be, this will not be one of them.

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