Barrera and Morales Friends Again – Put Years of Bitterness Behind Them

Two of Mexico’s and indeed boxing’s greatest ever warriors Barrera and Morales friends once more. They appear to have put their long-time dislike for one another behind them.

Boxing can be a bitter, nasty and ruthless business at the best of times.

Marco Antonio Barrera (67-7-44KO) and Erik Morales (52-9-36KO) shared a professional boxing ring a total of three times between 2000 and 2004 in some of the best rounds in the sport’s history.

The combinations both guys unleased on each other’s bodies and heads can only be described as a thing of brutal savagery to those fond of the sweet science.

They were as fierce as rivals could be in boxing for their time, with the two never getting along while they were active athletes.

So much so that in one press conference before one of their fights, while wearing suits and posing for pictures, the pair’s palpable hatred boiled over into the two letting go full on combinations with the gloves off outside the ring:

(Right at the start of this video):

This bitterness continued on after they retired too, with Morales apparently saying before to Barrera’s face that the two could never be friends.

Well as of October 22nd in 2016, it seems Morales might have had a change of heart a little bit.

Fellow Mexican boxing legend and arguably the country’s greatest ever pugilist Julio Cesar Chavez posted this pic of the two today enjoying a meal together:

Aqui mi compadre @terrible100 y mi@compañero @marcobarrerat comiendo alegremente. Por un momento pense que ya estaban firmando #BarreraMorales4 #HayTiro #TeHaceFaltaVerMasBox #FomentandoLaBonitaAmistad RECUERDEN HOY HAY BOX por @boxaztecatva

A photo posted by Julio Cesar Chavez Gonzalez (@jcchavez115) on Oct 22, 2016 at 9:18am PDT

For non-Spanish speakers that translates in English to:

“Here my friends Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera eating happily. For a moment I thought they were already singing.”

On that note, lets take a quick look back at their first match on Feb 19th, in 2000 which is widely considered to be one of the fight’s of the decade:

(Hat tip to the HBO YouTube channel):

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