New Ringside Scanner To Alleviate Boxing Brain Trauma Could Be Coming

Boxing brain trauma has sadly been in the news recently following the tragic passing of Scottish boxer Mike Towell who suffered a bleed to the brain following a bout that saw him lose his life sadly this year.

But a new ringside scanner being talked about at the moment could help similar tragic events that happened to Mike Towell from happening in future.

Boxing like any contact sport carries risk.

Perhaps it is because two men striking each other with their fists the sport comes in for over the top criticism of being dangerous when things go wrong.

The anti-boxing brigade often use these terrible tragedies for their own agendas and often do not speak about the incredible things boxing does like this for communities the world over.

Other contact sports like rugby, American football and many others also sadly have instances where athlete’s suffer serious injuries to the head, but boxing brain trauma related incidents often get highlighted more than any other because of the often uneducated perception out there of the sport.

Boxing over the last twenty years or so has made remarkable strides as a sport in terms of making it as medically safe as possible for it’s participants.

Organisations such as the British Boxing Board of Control in the UK are recognised for their great work in recent decades following awful tragedies in the past to high profile fighters such as Mike Watson.

boxing brain trauma
Mike Towell sadly lost his life doing what he loved to do

The same organisation are now evaluating the prospect of bringing in a new hand held brain scanning technology for ringside professional fights.

The technology could help identify a potential boxing brain trauma problem before it gets any worst during a contest.

According to Sky News, the concept behind the device is that it is an infrascanner that shines a laser through the head of an athlete which could save vital time when boxers complain of headaches or other symptoms that might be related to a bleed on the brain.

Former world champion Barry McGuigan had this to say about the prospect of bringing such technology into the game:

Barry McGuigan says a scanner that can detect brain bleeds could be a “fantastic introduction for contact sports

— Sky News (@SkyNews) October 18, 2016

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