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Watch: Evander Holyfield vs Shannon Briggs Shadow Sparring

This Evander Holyfield vs Shannon Briggs shadow sparring shows that age really is just a number if one looks after themselves as these two fighters have.

To anyone even remotely familiar with the sport of boxing the name of Evander ‘The Real Deal’ Holyfield will be one that is well known.

A legendary warrior who done it all in the sport, fought the best of his time and ultimately, became an undisputed cruiserweight and heavyweight world champion during his career.

Doing so with great humility throughout his career.

I’ll never forget having the honor of speaking to Mr.Holyfield via video link here before. Still my favourite interview ever with a boxing personality.

Even though Evander is now aged 54 and retired from the sport of boxing, with his last fight coming back in 2011 with a TKO win over Dane Brian Nielson, he is still more than happy to help old friends of his with their boxing preparation.

This week himself and Shannon Briggs have been working on shadow boxing technique together via Briggs’ Instagram account:


A video posted by Shannon Briggs (@cannon_briggs) on Oct 17, 2016 at 1:46pm PDT

The two’s paths never crossed in the ring during their time but it’s good to see Holyfield still in excellent condition and helping a boxer who has inspired many this year with his positive comeback story.

Although it looks like the much clamoured for David Haye fight will elude Shannon Briggs for the time being, there’s no denying that he’s become a media titan this year with his funny, inspiring and unique social media posts that have seen the phrase “Let’s go champ!” go viral on many occasions.

No doubt as a consequence of this he’ll get that one last big fight he’s after in 2017. Whether it comes against the UK’s David Haye though remains to be seen however.

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