The Rebirth of Tevin Farmer

Tevin Farmer is an example of how undefeated records in boxing often count for very little. The consistent improvement of a fighter who has been put in tough fights early on frequently can be much more beneficial long-term.

“Saturday night, it’s just another opportunity to show the world who I am, Tevin farmer. I got about 3 years straight no losses. I started off horrible, I took boxing…it was a hobby. I started boxing at the age of 19, I’m only 25. And I was doing it for fun but then I realized how much talent I had and I set my self down. I moved to Jersey I started eating right, I started training right and since then its been history. Everybody they put in front of me I beat em, easy. I don’t think I lost maybe 1 round out of what, of 14 straight wins? And I fought some good guys, most of them was undefeated. So you know Saturday night Ivan Redkach gonna get this work and it’s gonna be easy and its just like that. Saturday night I want all y’all to be there, Tevin Farmer in the building. Ivan Redkach where you at? There you go. Aye bruh you gonna get this work. You gonna get it. You talk a lot on social media bruh. I’m not about talk. A lot of people in here know who I am, I lot of y’all don’t. But on Saturday night after its all over with they gonna say damn that boy Tevin Farmer a bad boy.

Thank Yall.”

This is the transcript of Tevin Farmer before he fought Ivan Redkach on July 30th, 2016. Without question, the Tevin Farmer of today is thoroughly different from the Tevin Farmer who began boxing at the age of 19.

The confidence in the transcript says it all.

Farmer lost 2 of his first 4 professional fights (1 by TKO) yet he may have the most potential of any prospect in boxing today.

Now that I think of it, it may be a bit unusual to call a fighter with 27 career fights a “prospect”. However, that is exactly the situation that Tevin finds himself in.

He is a highly skilled fighter brimming with confidence who is still waiting on a signature win.

Farmer has taken the proverbial road less travelled in boxing. His fourth and last loss came at hands of rising star and IBF Super Feather weight champion Jose Pedraza.

Farmer took the fight on short notice and lost by TKO. Farmer then vowed to completely re-dedicate his life to the sport. His re-dedication combined with the foresight of promoter Lou Dibella has proven to be the perfect combination.

Lou Dibella on Tevin Farmer in 2014:

“I first saw Tevin Farmer when he had a record of 7-4-1 and lost to my great prospect Jose Pedraza. Most fighters never turn it around at that point. I subsequently saw him on numerous occasions and could not believe the improvement. In his victory against Manny Gonzalez, he actually reminded me of Pernell Whitaker. His work ethic and character are amazing and he has a terrific manager. He is now 16-4-1 and truly has a chance to become a world champion. I am very excited about this signing and the four losses mean nothing to me,” said Lou DiBella.

The investment Dibella has made in Farmer has not only paid off, but seems to be more rewarding as more time passes. He most recently beat up Ivan Redkach in very impressive fashion, virtually winning by shutout.

When the fight was made Redkach was thought of to be one Farmer’s toughest fights to date. It was not. Farmer brings the all the too familiar case of “high risk low reward” to the table; something that continues to plague extremely skilled technical fighters to this day.

Perhaps rightfully so.

Recently Ireland’s Carl Frampton was able to lift the WBA Super featherweight title from Leo Santa Cruz through intelligent, technical boxing.

Farmer is aiming for his chance to give Santa Cruz another similar loss as he is publicly vying to get Cruz as well as other top names in and around his division to share a ring with him.

One thing about Farmer is certain; his record is not an indicator of his talent and opponents are beginning to realize this as well.

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