Team Eubank Feel Jr Is One Of The Best In British Boxing History

Chris Eubank Jr has given up his British title it has emerged today, due to a suspected injury to the elbow incurred recently when preparing for a fight with Tommy Langford.

It has been revealed online today in a press release that the fight between Eubank Jr and Tommy Langford that was scheduled for October 22nd is now off:

Chris Eubank Jnr relinquishes British middleweight title and withdraws from fight with Tommy Langford. Claims of an elbow injury in sparring

— Chris McKenna (@cmckennasport) September 17, 2016

In the press release from his team today, there was some notable self-praise and pumping up of their charge on display it must be said, claiming essentially there has never been a such a wide gap between British champion and challengers in history as there has been between Jr and who’s out there at the moment.

But are they right, though?

He is certainly a very good fighter, world class in my opinion and at present the middleweight division in Britain is not what a was a couple of years ago to be fair, when the likes of Darren Barker, Matthew Macklin, Andy Lee and Martin Murray were all active and close to their respective primes.

darren barker
Barker became top dog during his time in British middleweight boxing after becoming world champion, although Andy Lee also became world champion not long after Barker retired.

Alas, fights between the above men never materialised.

The top dog in British middleweight boxing now though is WBO champion Billy Joe Saunders and underneath him the next best fighter at 160lbs it would have to be said is in fact, Eubank Jr.

But after that, there is a bit of a gap in class perhaps between him at present and other British middleweights, but it has been thought in some quarters today that his team’s statement as to how much of a gap there is, was a tad over the top and possibly a little egotistical.

It will be interesting to see who he goes in with next after recovering from injury, though.

Personally, I’d watch a rematch with Billy Joe Saunders again or, if they can finally get it over the line – a Golovkin fight would likely be a fun matchup due to the clash of styles.

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