Golovkin vs Brook Betting Odds, Fight Date, Time and TV Info

Ahead of the Golovkin vs Brook fight this weekend here’s a breakdown of time, TV info, where, when and what the odds are.

Fight Date:

Saturday, September 10th, 2016.


O2 Arena, London, United Kingdom.


The undercard commences at approximately 7pm local time (2pm EST / 11am PT) with the main event expected to come on shortly after 10pm local time (5pm EST / 2pm PT)

TV Channels Showing The Fight:

In the UK the fight will be shown on Sky Sports Box Office (pay per view) in the USA the show will be broadcast on HBO.

Golovkin vs Brook Betting Odds:

Now, to the really interesting part for those considering a cheeky punt or gamble on this weekend’s big fight in London.

Most people realise that Golovkin quite rightly is a big favourite in this one, but perhaps the Brook optimists might feel a bit better today after news has emerged suggesting that Golovkin might not be 100% coming into the fight, after reportedly feeling unwell this week.

Don’t be fooled by that though, in my view. He’s still got more than enough to beat most middleweights on Earth even at about 80% – he showed that against Gabriel Rosado back in 2013.

For Golovkin to win the fight outright and Brook to do so this weekend, here’s what you’re looking at with the bookmakers:

Golovkin vs Brook Betting

There’s not a lot of value in the above as you can see, even backing Brook for a massive upset outright only brings up 5/1.

For more value on what most people will think will happen, a Golovkin win by KO or TKO, you’d probably be best focusing here or at least including it in a double or treble on something else you were confident in this weekend, whether it be another fight or sporting event all together.

Here’s some of what I’m talking about:

Golovkin vs Brook Betting

Part of me says that if Brook boxes to his absolute best and Golovkin is under-par on the night, then maybe, just maybe, the fight could go the distance.

But when cooler headers prevail I just can’t see that scenario manifesting into reality.

While I think Brook will definitely surprise a lot of people early on into the fight and could very well make it into the second half of the contest, I just feel somewhere along the way Golovkin will catch up with him, gradually break him down and ultimately stop him.

I came across an interesting bet during the week where if you bet on Golovkin to win between rounds 10, 11 and 12 you could get 10/1.

Check your local bookmakers, but that would be my tip.

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