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Middleweight Kingpin Gennady Golovkin Crushes Reporter’s Hand

Gennady Golovkin crushes reporter’s hand while joking around (below).

Golovkin is currently readying himself for his latest challenge when he takes on IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook in a couple of weeks time in the UK.

Brook will be moving up an entire two weight divisions to meet the challenge that is Golovkin, with many pointing to the fight being a mismatch.

This might appear to be the case on paper, but those in game know Brook is an excellent fighter and will not be giving away as much size and strength to Golovkin as some might have you believe.

‘GGG’ has been undergoing heavy training at the moment accordingly. He knows how dangerous a challenger Brook could be and has been working diligently in his usual training base camp of Big Bear in California.

Gennady Golovkin crushes
Big Bear, California.

The middleweight knockout maestro is known for sparring heavyweights in preparation for his fights, such is the devastating effect that his punches have on sparring partners closer to his own weight.

It will be interesting to see how he will adapt to the speed of Brook however, who could enjoy a significant hand speed advantage.

Speed might be one of the few chinks in the Golovkin armour, but he has made up for it thus far in his professional career with his clever ring craft, sublime footwork, patience, relentlessness, chin of steel and of course, those devastating brick fists of his.

Golovkin is a man known for his power and strength, having the highest knockout percentage in middleweight boxing history.

One reporter found this out (literally) first hand, no pun intended.

Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub was on location in Golovkin’s training camp this week and after some laughing and joking around about the Golovkin power, he wanted to test it our for himself.

He certainly got what he wanted. Hats off to you, Marcos.

(Credit: Fighthub TV)

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