Middleweight Tommy Langford Spots Weaknesses in Chris Eubank Jr

Undefeated middleweight Tommy Langford (17-0-6KO) is gearing up for the biggest fight of his career to date when he steps in the ring with world middleweight contender Chris Eubank Jr on October 22nd.

With the announcement made official in recent days following the initial report that the fight was put out to purse bids a few weeks back by the British Boxing Board of Control, we managed to catch up with Tommy this week to talk all things Eubank Jr ahead of their fight.

How excited are you at the opportunity to fight a big name such like Chris Eubank Jr?

“I’m very excited by this fight, it’s a huge opportunity for me and given I’ll be fighting Eubank who obviously carries a lot of world wide attention going into fights the magnitude of the fight is above British title status. So beating Eubank catapults me into a much higher rim of fighter and I’ll be talking world titles.”

Do you see many weaknesses in him?

“Yes I do, obviously what he does well he does very well he’s very explosive when he opens up and very fit. But when he gets frustrated he leaves himself open, he’s not got the best defence himself and tactically I don’t believe there’s ever much game plan involved in his approach to fights. That’s why the right game plan and approach to fighting him beats him!”

How do you rate him as a fighter?

“Yes he’s a good fighter. You can’t be British champion without being a good fighter and the fashion he has beaten recent opponents has been impressive. However much they were suited to him, he has been impressive.”

Middleweight Tommy Langford
Eubank Jr (23-1-18KO) has only ever lost once as a pro – to Billy Joe Saunders via split decision back in 2014.

Any thoughts on him as a person or have you ever met him?

“Yes I’ve met him. I went and sparred him for a week about 18 months ago. He was in a proper training camp at that time so was serious and kept himself to himself, so I don’t really think anything about him personally. I’ll let him worry about himself and I’ll just do my thing like I always have.”

The build-up will likely be eventful with Eubank Jr’s colourful father, do you expect any mind game tactics to come from senior in the build-up?

“It’s a big fight so obviously there’s going to be a big build-up but quite honestly, it doesn’t have any consequence on anything I think. We are ultimately fighting each other on October 22nd so anything before that date is irrelevant, so it is what it is!”

Any message for your fans?

“I have fantastic fans who are coming to Cardiff in there thousands to support, which is unbelievable and very humbling. I’m not only going to win this fight for me but it’s for all British boxing fraternity & fight fans. I feel I’ve got everyone behind me willing me on and I can’t thank them all enough! It’s going to a fantastic night!”

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