Roberto Duran Movie Set To Be Released This Friday

Did someone say Christmas is coming early this year? Nah. Well actually, for boxing fans, quite possibly yes. The new Roberto Duran movie is out this Friday and we are pumped for this one.

Roberto Duran embodies what many boxing fans enjoy the sport of boxing for, a relentless warrior who had it all in the ring – heart, skill, power and an iron will to win.

Recently we spoke with broadcaster James ‘Smitty’ Smith who told us that in his opinion a prime Roberto Duran would have beaten a prime Floyd Mayweather, in his view.

Accordingly with that significant level of respect out there for Duran in the world boxing community, the new upcoming movie on him ‘Hands of Stone’ has a lot to live up to for boxing fans.

They’ve pulled considerable stops out for it however, hiring heavyweight actors in their own right like Robert Di Niro and more, in a bid to paint this unique life story and sporting career as vividly as physically possible.

In the official movie trailer one gets a taste of what could be in store with some rather epic short clips, a personal favouite quote of mine coming in a serious voice from Di Niro, describing Duran when growing up as simply:

“He was no coward.”

Well, the moment of truth on this movie is upon us with it’s release this Friday in the US. Let’s take a quick look at the full trailer one last time:

(Credit: Movieclips Trailers)

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