The Significance of the Boxing Corner Stool in the Eyes of a Fighter

The stool – every fighter knows it and every person who’s watched boxing has seen it, but few truly know of it’s importance. The following is a diary account of an ex-fighter on it’s significance beyond it’s normal use.

It’s the object in the corner that holds the most history and bears the most burden. It shares both the glory and pain in equal amounts.

It travels with you everywhere you go and is loyal to you regardless of the outcome and bears your burden of defeat. It is the lasting image we have of our heroes in victory or defeat.

The stool its strong and sturdy holding any weight and is designed to aid you while you are getting instruction or waiting to hear the bell.

You rest on it and you depend on it and make decisions right there, either to go out on your shield or concede to defeat.

It’s two stools in the ring but only one will know the cheers of victory, while the other must suffer the sorrow and agony of defeat, only to know it will see more days like this but is always ready to aid every time when called upon.

boxing corner stool

The stool its a place where many legends and fighters have sat knowing:

“This is it.”

The decision to retire or get up from a knockdown can take place in this safe spot of the ring where the will to fight starts, but the end also eventually comes.

Every retired fighter would trade all they have for one more chance to sit on the stool, the feeling of walking to your corner and seeing it – knowing you’ve survived.

It is the only place of certainty, the only place of rest as you prepare for war again.

It has come to know the success of hard work and at times broken dreams. In a cruel sport and changing times in 21st century boxing, the stool remains.

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