Freddie Roach Puts Money Where Mouth Is Ahead of Crawford-Postol

Hall of Fame trainer Freddie Roach puts money where his mouth before tonight’s eagerly anticipated 140lbs world title unification fight between Terence Crawford and Victor Postol, to establish who the best super-lightweight in the world really is.

Tonight’s fight will of course be in the fight capital of the world, Las Vegas, and in a venue that in many ways has becoming the leading arena for the biggest fights in the world over the last couple of decades – the MGM Grand.

In keeping with the gambling tradition of Las Vegas, Freddie Roach has hit the sportsbook this week to put a $1000 wager on his man Viktor Postol to win by KO in any round at odds of 9/1, giving him $9000 back and his $1000 wagered if it were to come off.

Roach has been quite successful with predictions over the years, so this bet is definitely food for thought.

Postol is the foreign fighter taking on an American which might account for the bookies having him at such a disadvantage odds-wise, despite many feeling the fight is a relative 50/50 going into tonight.

Both men have shared the same number of professional fights coming into this evening’s proceedings and a win will set up genuinely big things for the victor’s career.

Here’s how the pair weighed-in ahead of tonight’s HBO boxing pay per view:

(Credit: Top Rank)

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