Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury Being Well, Tyson Fury

Heavyweight Champion of the World Tyson Fury is in full flow this weekend as he celebrates the latest addition to his family.

Tyson welcomed his new son into the world yesterday and posted a great picture of his new son on Twitter for his fans to see.

That same day Tyson hit the booze to celebrate, wetting the baby’s head.

But then a random tweet was sent out later that day from his account which seemed to cause a fair bit of reaction on Twitter with well over 1000 re-tweets:

Would like to come out I’m gay

— #Gypsyking (@Tyson_Fury) July 16, 2016

Fury is known for his random comments and tweets, so this is being understandably taken with a pinch of salt by most people.

The Tyson Fury twitter account has been a bone of contention for Twitter themselves since it’s initial creation back in 2010.

Not many realise that Fury despite being a celebrity, only had his Twitter account verified with an official blue tick to signify it’s authenticity in the last 12 months or so.

The reason for this was that apparently Twitter could not verify the account in the past due to the number of Tyson’s friends who had access to it, thus making it impossible to know if it was actually Tyson sending the tweets or not.

Despite the account’s controversial nature, it can often be hilarious and say what you want about Fury, he’s always entertaining in a sport that needs characters.

Fury is next due to return to action in the ring on a tentative date in October for his rematch with former titlist Wladimir Klitschko.

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