Golovkin Brook Size Difference Not That Big

The Golovkin Brook fight promotion is in full swing ahead of September 10th and yesterday the pair met for the first time face to face in New York.

The bout which will take place in London’s 02 Arena, has been slammed in some quarters by naysayers who predict in easy win for Gennady Golovkin, while in other quarters many have praised Brook’s fortitude for taking on such a difficult challenge.

When the two men faced off yesterday the first thing that struck me was the lack of size difference between the two, with Golovkin edging his English counterpart in the height department, but only ever so slightly.

However both men looked physically very similar dimensions-wise when they stood next to one another, with Brook looking solid and compact as he gets ready for the jump up in weight.

Not many also realise that Golovkin enjoys just a one inch advantage in reach.

An interesting insight I came across during the week as regards how Brook performs at a higher weight, was in an interview where someone was talking about one of the time’s his old coaches mentioned that Brook in training and walking around near 160lbs was a completely different animal.

Explosive, razor sharp and freakishly powerful.

I don’t think he’ll have enough to put a dent in Golovkin, nor do I think he’ll come in near 160lbs (probably nearer the 155lbs mark) but he could very well have enough pop on his punch to keep him out of harms way for a while and get GGG’s respect early on.

If he looks to employ a boxing game plan to try to outpoint GGG, this will be crucial early on but make no mistake – he’s up against it in this one.

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