Bantamweight Prospect Kindon Ready To Take The Next Step

Unbeaten prospect Thomas Kindon (8-0) faces the no.3 ranked bantamweight in Georgia – Khvicha Gigolashvili (13-13) for the International Challenge bantamweight belt on July 16th at the Tolworth Recreation Centre in Surrey.

The 21-year-old from Guildford claimed the British Challenge bantamweight belt on April 1st at the same venue, topping the bill for the first time in what is now a two-year-long professional career, and plans to add the International version this weekend.

The Pocket Rocket, a six-time national amateur champion, spoke exclusively to BNAV ahead of his ninth pro contest:

What do you know of your opponent?

“All I know is that he’s 5ft 7” so he’s a bit tall for a bantamweight; he’s orthodox, likes to throw the elusive jab, has had 26 fights and won 13 of those.”

How do you feel in yourself going into the bout this weekend?

“I feel confident, I always do. There’s no point doubting yourself, got to go in with a good mind so should get the win again, yeah. I train hard, the gym is my second home so everything has gone good.”

Have you had good sparring in camp?

“Yeah, quality sparring from British bantamweight champion Ryan Burnett and former English super-featherweight champion Mitchell Smith. Smith is two weights above so that was tough but good. The sparring with Burnett has been really good for me.”

You’ve already won the British Challenge bantamweight belt, this is the second prize you’re vying for, will you be looking for bigger titles next?

“I don’t really know yet but I would like to have another title next, but what it is, I don’t know; just see what comes along. We’ve got one belt now so I’d like to build on that and win more. 

Hopefully going for the Southern Area title next but could be skipping that. I’d like the Southern Area title obviously but I’ll just see what happens, so I don’t really know yet; I’ll just do whatever my team says. It’s down to my them – my trainers – to decide, but whatever comes up, I’ll take.

I’m concentrating on this fight first and I hope there’s a lot of support again to cheer me on like there was on the last show in April.”

This is now the start of your third year as a pro and still aged only 21, are you glad you’ve got so many years ahead of you still?

“As an amateur I did everything I could so there was nothing left for me to do, other than the Olympics, which I had trials for but didn’t make it, so it was only natural to turn pro when I did. I started boxing aged five-years-old!”

How big is your fan base and ticket sales to shows?

“When we first started, it was hard to sell tickets because I wasn’t that known and had no sponsors but it’s better now, and getting even better all the time. I’m getting a lot more attention now, I find.

Just putting a picture up on Facebook and Instagram gets a lot of likes and shares from people. Everything is a struggle in boxing but you’ve got to make your own path.”

Any message for your fans?

“Just to say thanks to everyone that’s bought a ticket and thanks to my sponsors.”

(Image supplied by author of article Tim Rickson)

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