Eubank Jr Berates Golovkin For Choosing Kell Brook Fight

Chris Eubank Jr’s disappointment and anger on missing out on fighting one of the pound for pound best boxers in the world is boiling over on Twitter.

In some ways you have to feel for Eubank Jr in terms of missing out on the Golovkin fight, as the negotiations that caused the fight falling out were not directly involving him.

Alas, he must now move on, but not before this evening he continues to let Gennady Golovkin know exactly how he feels on his decision to fight the UK’s Kell Brook instead of him:

@GGGBoxing your’re so called P4P but fighting a guy 2 weight divisions below u!? Nobody in the UK or anywhere else is going to respect you.

— Chris Eubank Jr (@ChrisEubankJr) July 9, 2016

@GGGBoxing Hearn goes through a tough spot with my contract so offers u Brook as an easy way out & u take it You aint no P4P King doing that

— Chris Eubank Jr (@ChrisEubankJr) July 9, 2016

@GGGBoxing after your done bullying @SpecialKBrook & your ready for a fight with a real middleweight, ill be there #PickOnSomeoneYourOwnSize

— Chris Eubank Jr (@ChrisEubankJr) July 9, 2016

Interestingly, something that some didn’t pick up on yesterday from ESPN’s Dan Rafael, was that the journalist claimed after he spoke to team ‘GGG’ that they told him team Eubank actually turned down the fight:

Hold onto your hat: GGG team tells me Eubank declined fight & GGG will fiace Kell Brook at 160 Sept. 10 at O2 Arena!! Whoa. #boxing

— Dan Rafael (@danrafaelespn) July 8, 2016

While it’s hard to believe that Eubank actually declined the fight, it gives an indication of the mess permeating out of the negotiations for the fight, with mixed messages all over the place from everyone involved

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