Chris Eubank Jr Says He’s Ready To Sign For Golovkin Fight

The negotiations between Gennady Golovkin and Chris Eubank Jr continue to go on this week as the world of boxing watches on to see when an announcement will be made.

This week Gennady Golovkin said on Twitter that he has done everything on his end in terms of signing for the fight and is waiting on his opponent:

Everything agreed from our side, now waiting for @ChrisEubankJr, who all of a sudden has lost his pen…

— Gennady Golovkin (@GGGBoxing) July 6, 2016

This was widely reported on but to be fair to Chris Eubank Jr, he did reply saying he is waiting on the contract which was not picked up by as many people this week:

@GGGBoxing@EddieHearn my pen is in my hand ready & waiting to sign as soon as I get the contract… don’t you worry about that.

— Chris Eubank Jr (@ChrisEubankJr) July 6, 2016

This must surely mean the fight is almost over the line at this stage, after what seems to many fans to have been a rather drawn out process since rumours initially began about the fight.

A stadium match is perhaps not likely at this point in the UK now, with the O2 Arena in London being touted as the potential venue for the world middleweight title showdown instead.

This comes amid a lot of back and forth between the two fighters via Twitter in recent times and fans will be hoping this week is the week where an announcement is finally made.

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