Australian Boxing: Damien Super Hooper To Make August Return

Damien “Super” Hooper has confirmed that he will return to the boxing ring on Saturday August 13th in Melbourne.

He doesn’t know who his opponent is, nor does he care. For Hooper, this is about more than boxing. A stint in jail, and the birth of his first child, has put things into perspective.

A truly hard upbringing has seen him lose focus on occasion, but the former Olympian is determined to put it all behind him, and show the world what talent he possesses. Hooper released the following statement a short time ago:

“I been praying to God and I been through some personal struggles with my demons but God has answered my deepest prayers and I am so excited to go on with my boxing career. I got news of a fight night lined up and everything I been working on in my life is going forward to the next chapter. I remember sitting in a poxy jail cell asking myself how did I get to this position and I prayed for this day every night!”

He added:

“Finally I’m going to get back in the ring and have a fight. I know I got the talent to be the best in the world, but quite frankly I’m training to be the best community man and proud black fella I can be. Melbourne is where it’s gonna be and where I’m gonna have my comeback fight. I feel sorry for the bloke in the ring with me cause there’s gonna be so much pain inflicted and I couldn’t possibly care who it is – I’m ready for the world. Bring it on. I thank all you for the ongoing support.”

(Note: Image sent in and supplied by writer Mark Franklin)

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