Cotto vs Marquez An Intriguing Late in Career Potential Showdown

Cotto vs Marquez talks have emerged in recent months pertaining to a potential fight between the Mexican and Puerto Rican modern boxing greats.

Indeed, there has been ample whispers in the boxing world this year that Miguel Cotto and Juan Manuel Marquez could meet in a fascinating potential fight, but it now appears talks have hit a bump in the road because of a catchweight.

Marquez has told ESPN Deportes that fighting at 150lbs in a catchweight would not be something he is prepared to do, which to a degree, is understandable.

Marquez would be giving up significant size and weight in fighting a naturally bigger man in Cotto, who has campaigned as high as middleweight in his career.

But the fight itself though, man, what a war it could be.

It’s the type of fight every boxing fan enjoys, one that could have something for every fan’s taste – technical brilliance possessed by both men, but also two fighters who can throwdown in the trenches when they need to.

Exciting styles and a long history of famous battles between them, it’s a bout that could easily capture the public’s imagination, despite the advanced stage of both men’s careers.

Marquez has been hinting that his next fight will be his last in a boxing ring. Miguel Cotto, what a fight it would be to end his career on.

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