Tyson Fury: I Don’t Really Care If I Die In Any Second of the Moment

The pre-fight mind games are well and truly underway between Heavyweight Champion Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko ahead of their July 9th rematch at the Manchester Arena.

The pair recently sat down with the folks at BoxNation in a fascinating face to face encounter, with Fury seeming to be as raw and untapped as ever. The always entertaining and colourful Fury said to Klitschko at one point:

“Everyday I wake up is different. Some days I think like I’ll retire from boxing on top undefeated and don’t give him (Klitschko) his rematch, make him suffer that way. Other days I think, yeah I’ll fight him and knock him out. Other days I think I’ll fight him and take a dive. Other days I don’t know what I’m going to do. And this is the truth, I ain’t lying, I’m pouring it all out to ya.”

When asked if this unpredictability from Fury posed difficulties for him, Klitschko candidly replied:

“It is. I’ll be honest it is.”

Fury later said:

“I’m still as sick as ever, still as depressed as life can be and still don’t really care if I die in any second of the moment. That’s the way I live my life.”

It’s this unpredictability and clash of almost polar opposite personalities that is once again making this fight a fascinating one in the build-up to work out, with Fury seeming to be using the unpredictability card as his chief weapon in the mind games.

This time around, however, Klitschko seems more relaxed and less flustered, with his candidness and frankness being more prevalent than usual.

With the clock ticking until their second meeting in the UK, here’s an excellent build-up video from the Heavyweightboxingfan YouTube account (hat tip) to get you in the mood for the fight:

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