British boxing great and former World Heavyweight champion Frank Bruno appeared on UK television today to pay tribute to the great Muhammad Ali.

Bruno spoke extensively on Ali’s legacy from his personality, to his all round incredibly positive impact that he had on the world.

He went on to also touch on the sweet science Ali used in the ring, and how he wowed the boxing world with his incredible skill and bravery.

At one point during the interview on Good Morning Britain, Morgan presses Bruno on a question on whether or not he would have liked to have fought Ali if he were around in his day.

After two attempts to get Bruno to give an answer, Frank simply told him he would like to be a supporter to Ali and would prefer to leave it at that.

Bruno, ever the class act, defused what in my opinion was a very inappropriate thing to ask, considering Ali only passed away last weekend – during a time where people are remembering him and celebrating his life.

Other than that, Bruno was in typically excellent form and paid a wonderful tribute to the great Muhammad Ali:

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