Unbeaten Welterweight Hennon Believe’s Clash With Ball Will Open Doors

George Hennon talks exclusively to BNAV ahead of ‘History in the Making’ fight.

Tonight, two welterweight prospects – George Hennon (3-0) and Sam Ball (5-0) – will lay their unbeaten records on the line to further add to the anticipation and intrigue on the huge Matchroom Sports show in Glasgow titled, ‘History in the Making’.

Further down the schedule, Sam Ball, 20-years-old from Greenock, invited the Kent boxer to his hometown where one will spoil the other’s perfect record.

Ball currently boasts two stoppages from his five victories, represented his country at World and European championships, winning eight Scottish national titles, and, of course, gets the home advantage over 21-year-old Hennon.

Boxing News & Views managed to grab a word with the underdog from Kent just minutes after the weigh-in…

Thanks for joining us so soon after the weigh-in, George. How did it go?

“I weighed in at 10st-7lbs-6oz. Although the fight was made at 10st-10lbs and not 10st-8lbs like they told me. Sam Ball came in at 10st-9lbs-8oz, but Johnny [Greaves] is adamant that he was told 10st-8lbs. I’m not gonna’ think too much into it, it is what it is.”

There’s going to be a lot of new emotions on the night, going in as the away fighter, being the underdog etc., how will you cope with that?

“I think there will be a lot going on but, at the minute, I feel so relaxed, even more so than being at home because the pressure’s off. I’ll be relaxed on the night, so I think it’s gonna’ work in my favour, definitely.”

It’s the biggest stage you can ask for, to be on the undercard of a world title fight, what could a good performance do for your career?

“It will open so many doors. I know it will be hard to get a win in his backyard but to give a good account of myself, it will open up so many doors, and the experience is second-to-none. It’s crazy to be on such a huge show in just my fourth fight.”

Hennon Believe's Clash With Ball Will Open Doors
At the weigh-in yesterday

What will be the key to winning on the night?

“That’s a good question! If the best George Hennon turns up, then I’ll beat him all day long.”

Despite the fight being taken at short notice, over 400 miles from home, we understand that you’ve brought a small army of fans with you?

“Yeah, it’s gonna’ be wicked! It just shows the support I’ve got at this early stage in my career. They’re gonna’ be a massive help and it’s just an unbelievable feeling really.”

The main fight could potentially see Britain’s third three-weight world champion, only achieved by the legendary Bob Fitzsimmons and Duke McKenzie before, how do you rate Ricky Burns’ chances of making history tomorrow night?

“You can see at the weigh-in just how many people are behind him, I think he’ll win, definitely.”

You’re fighting next on July 1st back in Essex in front of your home crowd, any message for the fans?

“Only a month away but entirely focused on this fight, at the moment. I’ll be back in the gym on Tuesday and pushing on for the next fight. Johnny said to keep at it while the iron’s hot; it’s the way to go!”

(Images sent in by Tim Rickson)

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