Mr Hollywood Charles Natal Strikes Again

This past weekend fast rising Puerto Rican prospect ‘Mr Hollywood’ Charles Natal improved his record to 7-0 over 100 fight veteran Marteze Logan.

‘Mr Hollywood’ had his full showmanship on display and a touch of class this past weekend in Louisville. Natal walked in to a tribute dedicated to none other then the late great Prince to begin the evening.

After going 2 rounds with ten seconds left on the clock with lightning fast hands and combinations ripping Logan to the body in the third round, Logan thought the bell rung for a split second, turned his head and ran into two left hooks flush on the chin by Natal – sending Logan crashing to the canvas for at least 15 seconds (to the surprise of much of the vocal fans).

The referee waved the knockout off however and allowed the fight to continue, and started the third after the allotted minutes in the round restarting the fight giving Logan a minute to regain his composure.

The fight then went to the scorecards after four rounds of action where Natal ran out winner on points with a scorecard of 40-34.

At only 23, ‘Mr.Hollywood’ is starting to show the world class promise he was touted turning over as a top amateur out of the Cleveland hotbed of boxing talent.

After the fight Natal was asked how he felt and how he graded himself, to which he said:

“I give myself an A minus. Everyone said A1, but to me I have to be hard on myself. If I do not see mistakes then I would be one of them fighters that don’t think he has to improve. There is no such thing as a perfect fighter unless you are Floyd Mayweather or Joe Calzaghe.”

He added:

“I stay learning. When your green you grow. Be looking out for me this summer as my training camp now shifts out West. My manager Eddie Gonzales has secured the services of one of the top trainers in the Bay Area Eddie Croft who will be looking to train me out that way as I continue to perfect my craft.”

Look for Charlie to be on the ‘Roar on the Aurora Shore’ show soon Stateside, where Bizzarro Promotions is mixing a bike rally and a boxing fight in front of an estimated 120,000 people in the streets of Erie Pennsylvania.

Me and my team have a huge announcement that is going to help bring the renaissance era of boxing back to Cleveland, Louisville and Pennsylvania areas and help change the landscape.

This weekend’s event was promoted by future promotions CEO’s Dereco Murray and Joe Shirle who gave Louisville it’s 13th pro boxing card in the last 3 years.

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