Watch: Anthony Joshua vs Martin Behind The Ropes

With just under one week to go until the IBF heavyweight title fight between champion Charles Martin vs Anthony Joshua on April 9th, pre-fight debate and build-up is in full swing.


Many are favouring Joshua to come out victorious on the night with the bookmakers placing him as a strong favourite to become new champion.

However, many within the boxing business are warning of the huge risk that Charles Martin represents, a hungry, undefeated, awkward southpaw and a recently crowned champion – who’s not going to want to give up his belt.

This was conveyed recently by language used by the American who said he’s “willing to die” rather than surrender his belt.

It’s a fight that pits the old boxing rivalry of the USA vs UK against one another on a big pay per view stage once again, two young heavyweights who can also genuinely end a fight with one punch, at any moment.

Ahead of the fight Sky Sports have released their excellent ‘Behind The Gloves’ fly on the wall style documentary, that they tend to reserve for promotion of only their biggest fights.

The fight will be the first time a heavyweight title has been contested for in London for 16 years.

Here’s the full Anthony Joshua vs Martin Behind The Ropes segment (hat tip to the DaveyBoy EssexUk YouTube account for the upload):

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