Watch: How Amir Khan Is Increasing Power For Canelo

He’s a couple of months out from the biggest challenge of his boxing career that few are giving him a chance in, but Amir Khan is certainly putting in the work ahead of his showdown in Las Vegas with Canelo Alvarez.


Many have questioned how wise such a dramatic weight jump by Khan is, in a move that will see him go from welterweight all the way up to middleweight to challenge for his Mexican counterpart’s WBC title.

Some have suggested that Canelo could outweigh Khan by a whopping 25 pounds on the night, when they both re-hydrate after weigh-ins and get in there for the first bell.

Khan’s main advantage in the fight surely has to be his speed and movement but others have expressed concerns whether the Bolton man will be able to retain this mobility if he is packing on so much bulk for the fight.

Punching power and strength will undeniably be stronger attributes possessed by Canelo, but Khan is taking steps to increase the force in his shots to counteract some of this disadvantage.

In intriguing footage shot by Fight Hype, it appears Khan is employing a number of techniques to achieve this:

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