WBC Slams IABA Saying They Have Abused Their Power

This week the WBC (World Boxing Council) have released a press release via their official website outlining their opinions and thoughts on recent IABA (International Amateur Boxing Association) remarks.


Here is the full press release as per the WBC this week:

AIBA and its affiliates have used abuse of power to intimidate many national federations with the threat to suspend them from participating in international events including the Olympic Games.

The WBC has found throughout the world that any time that anyone tries to celebrate boxing activities with amateurs as a way of promoting physical activity and positively promoting the sport of boxing, there is always the threat from AIBA, its affiliates and their national associations to react and threat anyone who participates and impose sanctions to them.

A clear example of this matter is found in a memo to the USA Boxing members as detailed underneath.

Dear USA Boxing Members,

The USA Boxing Board of Directors would like to inform you of an important change/clarification to the Technical Rule Book regarding participation in boxing events NOT sanctioned by USA Boxing. Please note that this rule applies to boxers, coaches and officials!

Technical Rule Book

Rule 1. Membership


Any boxer, coach or official who participates in an unsanctioned amateur or non-amateur boxing contest or tournament is ineligible to participate in competition as an athlete or non-athlete member of USA Boxing.

Such person may make an appeal for consideration through USA Boxing’s grievance and complaint process.

There are countless cases of this abuse, threats and intimidation in countries like Canada, USA, Mexico, Uruguay, Spain, Italy, Trinidad and Tobago, Rumania and many, many more.”

(Image credit: IABA and WBC)

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