Jason Gavern On Being Called A Journeyman, Heavyweight Division and more

Gavern is 38 years old with a record of 27-20-4 (12KOs). He’s most famous in the UK for his exploits on Prizefighter and taking on Anthony Joshua last year. He’s also faced current WBC champion Deontay Wilder and WBA regular title holder Lucas Browne. He’s back and he’s ready to face anyone in the Heavyweight division. Here’s our chat this week.


So Jason what have you been up to recently?

“I am actually recovering from my Achilles tendon rupture. I am 8 week’s post surgery and going through rehab now. I’m in the gym lightly but getting the itch really bad to get in full training.”

When do you think you will be fit again to fight? You have fought a lot of the top Heavyweights. Who are you eyeing up to take on now?

“I am able to work now I’m just not at 100% . I will be soon. I know at my skill level, me at 100 % can compete with and beat some top guys. Right now it’s about getting healthy and then giving it a good solid last run. The heavyweight division is exciting again. I’m only 2-3 wins away from a big fight.”

You have shared a ring with Wilder, Browne and Joshua. From 1 to 3 how do you rate these guys?

“Right now all 3 of these fighters are making a lot of noise in the division. Huge congrats to Lucas Browne on his recent victory over Chagaev. There is a changing of the guard going on and the new young guys are coming out. There’s a bustle happening and its exciting.

There are all good fighters in their own way. Joshua is the youngest but I feel the most promising. He has a big opportunity coming up against Martin. I wish him the best.”

You challenged Joshua last year, how was that as an experience? How do you rate the UK crowd?

“It was my 50th Pro fight and I wouldn’t want to have my fight take place anywhere else than the UK. UK fans are absolutely the best in the world. I fought Joshua on 6 days notice. Fighting him is very difficult but on six days notice is almost impossible. I was happy with my performance.

Up to that point I had taken him the farthest any other fighter has. And I didn’t even train for that fight. The UK fans have been great ever since Prizefighter. They supported me during that tournament and I think a lot of fans were excited for me to come and fight Joshua. It was a great reception and I look forward to coming back and fighting in the UK again.”

jason gavern

We would most definitely welcome you back! You often shout Wooooo during your fights. Are you a big fan of Wrestler Ric Flair?

“I have been yelling WOOO my whole career. It’s Just something that I do. It keeps me going and keeps the crowd engaged in the fight. It’s all about the fans. It really took off during Prizefighter. The fans were really involved and I had a great time.”

How do you feel about being labelled a journeyman? Do you think that is fair?

“I think that it’s an honour to be called a journeyman. I have earned and totally accept that role. Unfortunately my record does not show case my talent. I have many losses but they are due to very short notice fights. Give me 8 to 10 weeks and a proper training camp and I can be a top 20 fighter in the world.

I haven’t had a proper training camp in 4 to 5 years. You got to respect the fact that I will go and fight anybody Anytime Anyplace anywhere. The one fight that I do want is Sean “big fatty” Turner from Ireland. He talks a big game but does nothing to back it up. He’s a keyboard Warrior all talk no action. I told him let’s fight winner-take-all!”

What started the argument?

“He started talking S☆☆☆ He’s an absolute nobody. He has fought no one. He doesn’t even deserve to be saying my name. Especially in the boxing world.”

So you would go Ireland for that fight?

“DEFINITELY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEND THE CONTRACT!!”

What’s your thoughts on the pro’s being eligible for the Olympics?

“I think it’s a crazy idea. It will be taking away from the whole beauty of the Olympics. Not so much
Over the last few Olympics but so many awesome world champions came out of the Olympics. It was all part of a fighters resume. Putting professional fighters in the Olympics is going to take away from the luster that once was.”

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